Idina Menzel at The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel

It was a wonderful evening and Idina was great. Would love to see her again. Enjoy the photos.

Dollywood and Smoky Mountains Vacation Pics

Just some fun photos from our recent trip to the Smoky Mountains.

Just a Few Beers

Just a few more beers that I have tried in the last few months and since the last post on here. All were good but if i had to pick one out of all of them it would have to be the Innis and  Gunn Rum Cask. The Infinium Ale was bought for New Years, wasn't wowed but okay taste. The Sam Adams Imperial Series beers were the next best after Innis and Gunn. Werewolf, while okay, was only bought for the name. Hey sometimes you have to go for the name and label and hope for the best. Haven't tried any new beers here lately but have a different Sam Adams Imperial beer in the fridge.

2011 IRB Sevens World Series Schedule

Waiting for the IRB Sevens to start, just wished it was easier to find them on television here in the USA. Will have to keep up with it by following different sources on the net. Enjoy the graphic.

Sam Adams Harvest Collection, Belhaven Scottish Ale, and Wells Banana Bread Beer

Always like seeing what the Boston Beer Company comes out with when they put out their season collections. Just finished, with the help of the other half, the Sam Adams Harvest Collection. Along with this collection we bought a couple of singles, a Wells Banana Bread Beer and A Belhaven Scottish Ale. I liked all the beers and didn't find a one that was bad. As I go along with this new blog I hope to learn more about actually reviewing beers. Until my next post.

First Post

I am not an expert on beer or rugby, but like both. Design (graphic design) on the other hand is my profession. I decided to mix the three in a blog.